Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Fun

Picking Honey Crisp Apples!
(Love the Lakeshore colors! Drew told me he couldn't wear that outfit again, but do you think I'm going to listen to him? I don't think so!)

Just back from a run with daddy.

Oops! He's awake (and happy).
Last week we were given 2 strollers. A double stroller from my mom and a jogging stroller from Dr. Rhodes at church. Thanks Julie and Kelly for hooking us up!
This week Teague came down with a cold - croup to be exact. The first night, I got very little sleep and the second night I asked Drew to stay up and take the next day off. Although, I still got little sleep, Drew let me sleep for a few hours. Long story short, I took Teague to the doctor's office and they gave him a steroid shot. He didn't cry and by afternoon he started sleeping like normal again. Thank goodness! I feel like I have officially been inducted into motherhood.

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