Saturday, March 30, 2013

Little Randoms on Easter Eve

I'm supposed to be ironing a shirt for tomorrow for Drew since he's leading worship on Easter Sunday. Not happening in a timely manner.

I'm also supposed to be finishing the 5 billionth load of laundry so Drew can wear his Cobalt blue pants. That's also not happening right now.

I need to paint my nails. {I did get Finn's done, toes and fingers! It was awesome trying to tell my 2-year-old not to move a bazillion times.} But I need to make the bed first for obvious reasons.  It's a domino effect.  I'm stalling.  Mama wants to have a little fun and I'd like one minute to myself.  Chaos will ensue in the morning. Also for obvious reasons and it's Easter.

Easter 2012 at mom's - my baby is growing!
*Pandora delivers again.  Love David Gray and all the other musicians featured on his station. It's chill.  I love chill out music. It makes me happy. Love Christina Perry, Arms. "You put your arms around me and I'm home!"*

Crap. It's past 10. Gotta go!

Happy Easter Friends!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Run

I had convinced myself after running my last 10k that running did nothing to change my body. I trained for 8 weeks, ran the race, and well.... that was it. Then I convinced myself a month later that I still wasn't happy with my body.  I had an almost 2-year-old baby and I still felt gross.

Insert Insanity.  I did it. It was insane.  The first month was a challenge, but got easier.  Then the second month it just got crazy.  I'll never forget Shaun T's words, "don't give up!" I didn't, I kept going and I finished.  My body changed a tiny bit. I lost 5 pounds, but my body didn't change as drastically as I'd hoped.

Months went by.

In January I started working at the Y and I got a membership - Drew was convinced I'd never work out.  I wanted to prove him wrong.  So I agreed to work 8 hours a week off-site and on-site.  I'm a healthy-U instructor and I love it!  I teach kids how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we get to play games with them for about an hour at a time.  I'd work out a little here and a little there.

My boss Monica is also a trainer and I'd often confide in her and tell her my body struggles.  Her response was constantly "run, it will change your life".  She'd give me different things to try and of course I never did it. Because last year it didn't change my life. And I just never found the time because I'd fill my mornings with things to do with the kids.  Then, I'd work in the afternoon a few days a week.  Then I'd come home and start dinner and fulfill other commitments, bath time, bed time and the day is over.

I wasn't finding time to work out.  When I worked that was working out right?  Wrong.

After I came back from Haiti I was dealing with culture shock.  Not culture shock to Haiti. Culture shock coming back into the US.  How can that be you ask? I don't know.  But what I can tell you is that it was really hard.  My head was processing and dealing with things that had nothing to do with Haiti.  But like all things, I needed to deal with it on my own - with God.  I don't ever like to involve/invite other parties to my "stuff". EVER. Not Even Drew. I'm an independent kinda girl. Always have been. Probably always will be.

So I took to running it out.  It worked really well in college.  Why not try it now? So I started out slow and here's what I've learned:

*Once you pass about mile 2.25 your body just goes and you can run forever.  At least that's how I feel. {If you have good form.} I've been running 5 or more miles at a time! I also continually increase my speed because my legs kick it into high gear.

*Music accompanied by TV subtitles are an excellent distraction for the mind.  You're brain is so focused on other things that it forgets how much your body tells you it doesn't want to keep running. When I say you, I mean me. I love it, because when I run outside, that's all I ever hear from my body is, "stop running, stop running, seriously stop running, you don't need to run."

*Having a water bottle with a straw is so awesome when you run because you can keep refueling your body. Some people feel like they want to throw up.  NEVER the case here.  I can exercise on a full stomach.

*A towel is handy to wipe your face with.

So I will say this, pairing running with my "frustrations" {if you will} for the last month has really jumpstarted a new love for running. Monica was right, it IS changing my life! It has helped heal my mind and my body in ways I didn't think possible.  My only goal is to run 3 times a week and on off days do other forms of cardio or yoga/pilates.

I also got to thinking the other day during a run, I really need to be spending more time with God whether it's reading the word or flat out praying. As much as I exercise my body, I should be exercising my spiritual life....   New Goals!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Mac

So I haven't been around in quite awhile.  I've been busy enjoying time away from blogging. I love reading other blogs, but lets face it.  If you want lots followers - which is nice, but not necessary - you have to post every. day. I just don't want to spend that kind of time on my blog. But since I'm here I'd like to take this personal space of mine and take it in a new direction. Not sure where yet. I'll let you know.

I really need to blog about my trip to Haiti, post pictures, and decompress a little. Decompress: a tool I wasn't given at the end of my trip.  I felt like I was left hanging and emotional and unable to figure out where all of my feelings were coming from. But that's another post.

I digress.

Right now I'd like to introduce you to my new friend Mac.

She entered our life yesterday.  After 2 computer crashes in a year, we decided to say goodbye to PCs.  You see, we've been slowly converting over to apples.  First my iPhone, then Drew's iPhone, and after our first crash we bought an iPad because Drew had business to do on the computer - so that was the next best thing until we figured out what happened with our PC.  Now we have a new Macintosh!  Such a yummy apple, and a yummy computer too!  I have to say I'm in love!  This thing is so easy to use and although not the same as our phones or iPad it has many similar features with some nice additions.

If I had a glass of something I'd say let's toast and knock on wood to a much better experience with this computer! Cheers!
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