Friday, January 29, 2010

In the box... Out of the box!

In the box.

Out of the box.

Silly Teague

In the box.
Teague said his first word today. He said "Ma". (By the way, Drew doesn't consider ma a word. Let me know what you think.) I'm so excited. I made sure he said it like 20 times before I could share it with anyone. My mom doesn't believe me. She said I had to record it. Guess what mom? I recorded it on my phone right after I talked to you. AND Drew heard it tonight after we came home from Chocolate Cafe. *If you've never heard the Attila Trio, you should go sometime when they're playing.* I think I mentioned a few days ago that Teague can wave. He can also sit for a long time on his own. I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't he have been doing that for a long time by now? The answer is yes, but he has the long Maier torso and was really off balance so more often than not he would topple over. The last thing I'm going to say is that not only can Teague pull himself up, but he can cruise from one piece of furniture to another. I can't believe my baby is turning into a toddler.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What is Shaklee???

Excellent Question! Thanks for asking Kristin. Shaklee is a company that creates healthier lives. For over 50 years Shaklee scientists have worked to create the best natural health products in the world. Dr. Shaklee created the first GREEN product to hit the market in 1960. He said he would never sell a product that would hurt a single human cell. Our products are always safe, natural, green and proven effective with 100% guarantee! We have things like: vitamin supplements, cinch weight loss, cleaning products, skin care, make-up, children's vitamins/baby products, etc... anyone can check out my website.


I thought I had some pictures saved on my phone. We took Teague to the Carousel on Saturday and I guess I didn't save the pics. Total bummer! Oh well, I guess that's what I get for forgetting the camera at home. Teague has 5 teeth now! He chews his food really well and yes he's still nursing. That seems to be a popular question now that we're expecting baby #2. He can also wave and he says "Hhhaa" with it. I think he's trying to say hi. Drew is back at school this week after being home Tuesday-Friday. I'm in my second week of tutoring and I launch my Shaklee business this Thursday. Pray for me, it's my first in-home and I've never seen one done before!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Due Date

Still August 15th!


Well, I went to the doctor's office this morning and saw our new peanut. It wiggled a lot at first, then went back to sleep while we watched the heart beat. I have to say, I will not be giving weight gain updates. That's one thing I hate when people ask me - I think its just plain rude! Some women like to share and that's great, I don't enjoy it (too personal). Everything else is pretty much open - so you can ask. Hope you have a great weekend! I'll post pics of the new baby as soon as I can get to a scanner.

Monday, January 11, 2010

before/during Oreo...
(notice Teague is double fisting an arrowroot cookie as well)

After Oreo!

Gross! I hate this picture. Drew thought it was so cute to take a picture of Teague literally stealing my pillow. He kept rolling and rolling until he was comfortable. I was so tired I didn't even know what was happening. This was how I slept until about 2 nights ago. Since then, Teague has been sleeping at least 7 hours a night!
This is Teague being "soooo big!"

I am so excited to see that Teague loves to help with the dishes! Guess what kid? You get to help out when you get older too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

teague updates

Teague loves to pull himself up on the bathtub. Now he's figured out how to turn on the water.

Friday's snowstorm drifts outside the screen door.

Pathway to the side door.

Build up on fence. Drew reported from an outside source we got 12 inches in 2 hours.

At Deanna's 1st birthday party.

Teague wearing Deanna's fairy rose headband.

Teague now has four teeth. We kept singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", but we got an eye tooth instead. Then, two days after Christmas we got one front tooth (the right one). Teague also pulled himself up at Matt and Jennie's house for the first time on Dec. 22nd. Now he pulls up on everything he can hold on to. The scary (and kind of funny) part is, he lands on his head every time he falls. We're trying to teach him to fall on his butt, but so far we've been unsuccessful.

Teague went through his first snow storm on Friday and after Drew and I went out for a date (we saw Sherlock Holmes - I would recommend it) Drew went out with his Uncle "H" and plowed all night. I thought I was going to have the bed all to myself and I was sooooo excited, not true, Teague wanted mama and I put up with him hogging the bed for about 4 hours. Then he went in his own bed - he wasn't happy with me, but I got 4 solid hours of sleep. Yipee!

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