Thursday, March 31, 2011

two teeth

My lil' lady has two toofers!  Both on the bottom.

This girl gets sweeter and sweeter every day.  She has become such a little snuggler and loves to give her mama lots of kisses ~ which I LOVE by the way!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

doug & sarah

So last weekend we went to Rockford to visit our friends Doug and Sarah.  Matt, Jennie and Micah came with us.  Thanks again for having us! We'll have to get together again the next time you're in town.

AND that's the end of my slideshow because my camera died.  So go here to see more photos.

Monday, March 28, 2011

bad big sister

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and I forgot about his party.  I know I know shame on me!!!  I feel so horrible and rotten since my brother wrote a paper on about me this year about what a great sister I've been.  And what do I do?  I forget his birthday.

So Alex, since you wrote 3 whole pages about me and what I mean to you, let me start by doing the same.

Ever since mom told me she was pregnant with you I was over the moon with excitement!  You were what I had been waiting for for fourteen years.  I'll never forget the day you arrived.  Mom and Craig left for Kzoo early in the morning and I got up with my alarm and headed to eighth grade that day.  2 hours into school Aunt Fran surprised me by picking me up and we headed to the hospital.  On the way we sang Breakfast at Tiffany's (a song Aunt Fran said reminded her of me everytime she heard it on the radio).  I remember mom being in such pain and Aunt Fran and I were right outside the door crying and praying for your safety and moms too.  When you were born it was love at first sight.  I know I didn't give birth to you, but I felt like you were mine. 
 I wore this mask because I had a cold and we didn't want you to catch it.

Oh how I loved to spend every minute with you when I was home from school. 


You are an amazing brother.
You taught me how to be a sister and you trained me to be a mom.
It has been a pleasure watching you grow into who you are today.
You're tall (and getting taller), dark, handsome and smart too!
I'm so sorry I wasn't at your party yesterday ~ please forgive me for that.
I love you so much!  Happy 14th Birthday little brother!

Forever your big sis!

Friday, March 25, 2011

what about love???

(These ducks were outside my patio when I was in South Africa)

I know some of you out there are following my blog.  I also know that I'm not quite sure who except for 5 people.  Go down and click on follow my blog so that I can see who you are.  So show a girl some love, pretty please!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 down,1 to go....

We paid off another loan today.  It was right around $10,000 (from start to finish paid off in about 7 months) and it was a student loan.  Woo hoo!!!  One more to go before we are debt free.  It's right around $12,000 and it should be paid off this fall.  Drew and I are working our tails off to get this done and over with.  I can't wait for that day ~ it'll be a huge celebration, but for now Brewsters Italian Cafe is calling us to celebrate this step in our journey!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


...what's in your purse or wallet.  What's in mine?  Well by the looks of it: an apple, my dipees & wipees from my SIL Jennie (by the way I love it!!!!), some tootsie pops, a piece of paper, Harry Potter Book 2, and some hand sanitizer ~ I'm sure my wallet's in there too!  I know I know boring post Rebecca.  Who cares? Well do YOU have anything interesting in your purse or wallet?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Teague's Birthday Part 1

I know, I know I'm late posting his birthday parties.  I've been sick and super busy and trying to rest and working - well I guess that's part of being busy - but anyways here it is!

Teague and mama making funny faces!

 playing at DQ...


eatin' some lunch...

more playing (with Ethan our good buddy and neighbor)...

So for those of you who don't know, Teague has been in this crazy Elmo phase.  He doesn't talk much but he does sing the end of the Elmo song - La La LA LAAAAAAA!!! - All. The. Time!  So naturally he loved his Elmo hands from Jonathon and Jake.

He also loved his new Cars PJs from his cousin Micah!  There were other gifts, but I guess we didn't get photos of those.  Oh well. Happy Monday!

Teague's Birthday Part 2

 I think Teague remembers the utter chaos from his 1st birthday ~ just look at his face.  AND since I didn't want a repeat of last year (since we have such a small house) we decided to invite immediate family and my cousin Amy and her daughter Ariyah.  It was much more relaxing.

Yep, Finn had her party tutu on!

Teague and his papa and that is an Elmo in that box (just in case you were wondering).

Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been battling a sinus infection since last week.  It really peaked yesterday and I feel awful.  It's moved from my face back up to my head and although it still hurts I'm thankful it's not in my face anymore.  I've been using the Netty pot to try and clear things up and rinse out the bacteria.  Let me tell you - those of you who've never used one before - whoa, it's a really weird experience!  Hopefully I'll feel better so I can do some good shopping with Katie J tomorrow!  Happy weekend everyone!
Hey Kell, I have a very vivid memory of Nicole doing this to your hair all.the.time. and you would just sit there and let her do it because you were such a sweet baby!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Finn has a little tuft of hair that I can put a little hair tie in.  Too cute!!  I can't wait to have more hair to play with.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a beautiful friendship

Ahhhhhh!!! I can make dinner in peace now because they are starting to play together.  Can I just say, I've been waiting for this moment for awhile now and it's finally here!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Boy Two

Oh Teague!  You're 2 now and oh how the time has flown by. This is how big you were when you entered the world on your birthday:

Last year we got you your 1st ever birthday cookie and you couldn't even walk yet.  And you were still bald!

This year you can run, jump, sing, and you're starting to talk!

I can't wait to see what this year will bring us and I just wanted to say you are the best surprise I never knew I wanted so much!   I love you forever! Mama

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photos/2year update

A few weeks ago we had a million just a few photos taken of our kiddos by Eileen Dimino.  As you can see by the photos she owns Traditions Photography in South Bend.  In the past she has taken some amazing photos of Teague so we decided to call her again to photograph Teague (2 years) and Finley (6 months).  The thing I hate is that her pictures are SO GOOD they're hard to choose from because I want them ALL!  Thanks Eileen!  Can't wait to see the rest!!!

Quick Updates: I missed Teague's actual birthday post. So I'll do that later.  Yesterday he went potty on the toilet!  Finley's 1st tooth popped today, she sits up, babbles mama and dada...  Ummm... my brain is mush because I've been sick the last couple of days but I'm sure I'll remember right before I fall asleep tonight.  Like I said more to come this week....
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