Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Heart bpm is 140. Still head down, her back on my left side. Didn't check dialation because I had to bring Teague with me. Nothing else new.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Retaining Wall 1

It's so humid outside that my camera got foggy when I went out for today's final updated picture.

Teague wants to be just like his daddy, except that Teague will stick a handful of dirt in his mouth every once in a while. Yuck! I know.

The trench.

Dug the trench and filled it with crushed concrete and some kind of gravel/dirt mixture.
Teague and his daddy building a wall under the deck to hold the dirt in.

By the end of this landscaping project Drew will have built a total of 3 retaining walls around our house. We'll have some blackjack edging between 2 of the walls and our front walk way is between the other two. Our neighbor came over yesterday and said great Drew, now everyone is going to have to do something this cool in their yard. I know that makes Drew feel good, but the other part of that is knowing that Drew does excellent work and he does it right the first time. That's his Opa in him - and other (German) family members too - but mostly Opa.


Sun in my eyes mom. I don't want to smile.

I can't believe my body formed this beautiful human being.

peppermint update

I am 1-2 cm dilated! Yipee! I want this girl out, I am sooooo uncomfortable. Today I am 36 weeks and 4 days. I've been getting some criticism from a few people who don't understand my desire to get. her. out. The truth is I've had two excellent pregnancies, my body handles it well. Mentally and physically it is very draining. AND I hate, hate, hate any comments made about my changing belly. I do not feel beautiful, I feel fat. (My father-in-law and my Aunt Mary have both said to me lately, "You look so beautiful". That is always nice to hear. Thankyou!) Hence the reason for only wanting 2 kids (that and financially it makes the most sense for us). Other than that, her heart bpm is 135 today and she is still wiggling A LOT. Wiggling like she's trying to escape through some other passage other than my you know what. Drew asked me when I think she'll come. My gut tells me she'll be here soon.

Stay tuned for updates on house projects. Drew is really anxious for me to share...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So after another ob appt. here's her update. Fundus: 33cm, Heart bpm: 130, Position: head down, on her side - her back on my right side, her limbs on my left. In the last week I've decided to call her Peppermint because I am addicted to ALL things mint. I have Rosemary Mint Shampoo/Conditioner that I want to drink out of the bottle. I have mint lotion, and of course my personal nicotine - peppermint orbit gum - I need two pieces at a time. I love it!!!! I've never had cravings like this before.... until 2 weeks from now!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

After church we went to the fountain downtown for the first time. Tons of people, ran into Max, Jamie, Asher, and Bricen. They said to go during the week at 11, there are less people and you can keep a better eye on your kids. (We went Tuesday and this poor little guy about 18 months old got stuck under the cannon and was crying because he was terrified. No one was doing anything, I looked around, then took his sweet little hand and led him out, then let go of his hand. I didn't want his parents to think I was trying to take him. I just wanted to help him.)
Drew and Teague are on either side of the skinny girl with the two piece on.
Sitting by the fountain.

Teague and I behind the fountain.

The only thing I have left that hasn't turned to mush are the front of my legs (not the back of my legs). Everything else, yuck - I feel sooo unattractive! I only went in the fountain for Teague and because it was hotter than hot outside.

What are you doing with a sand bucket? Poor Teague saw another abandoned bucket on the sidewalk and wanted to pick it up, I told him it didn't belong to us so we went to get ours. He just wanted to carry it around.
Then, we went for a walk down by the beach, it was crowded, but I've seen much worse! We ended up walking about 3 miles total. We stopped at Dairy Korner for something to drink and kept walking to our car. I was hot and worn out and laid in the tub and ate some popsicles when we came home.

Waiting for the fireworks to start. I told Drew that walking from our house to the bluff in this hot weather was all for Teague so he could enjoy it. I would have preferred a good book in my cool house, in bed.

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