Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silver Beach

Drew said the lake is 72 degrees today. The water was so refreshing after a hot and sticky day.

We decided to head to the beach after nap time yesterday. After an hour and a half we went to Jet's for pizza and rented a movie. It's so nice to relax during the summer! Tonight, Drew has a soccer game - Go Kickers!

Baby 2

Went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me an A+. This girl is head down, but I'm worried that she's spine to spine because I can feel her limbs so much more than I ever felt Teague's. Oh well, we'll see how things are progressing in two weeks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Twin Lake

"Uncle Matt, please read me a book."

Lobster! Can you guess where we ate lunch?

Teague: "I love my cousin."
Micah: "Get me out of here! I want my mama!!!"

Waiting for mama...

"Mama, I want you! No more hammock!"

Beach time with daddy.

Teague loves the water and sand.

You can't see it, but there is a rock on one of those shovels. Turns out, Teague loves rocks too!

I love being at the beach at sunset, you don't have to wear sunscreen!
Lancelot - Dave and Ashley's dog. He's well behaved for a puppy and it was fun to watch Dave and Ashley take care of their baby.

That's the garage in the background and the grill we used to make dinner every night.

We're still working on closed mouth kisses, but we love them no matter what. Ashley taught him to blow kisses, so he can do that now too!

Our family canoe ride.

Teague in his new life jacket.

Teague eventually walked back to Drew because he wanted to be with Daddy...

...then he wanted to see if he could get over the metal bar. He did, then fell on his heiny and he cried. He did it 3 times before Drew decided just to put him on his lap.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It took us 3 months of making hard core payments on our Escape. Today, we paid it off in full! The truck belongs to us!!! Now to snowball a student loan!

Sunday Projects

On Saturday, I went strawberry picking and ended up with 14 lbs! The intention was to can some jam, so I made 2 batches on Sunday - strawberry & strawberry rhubarb! Yummy! I'll be canning more today because there is still so much left.

On Sunday, Drew and I were looking for some fruit pectin at Walmart. We found it along with some more deck furniture and some flowers/plants to spruce up our deck. Now for the retaining wall and landscaping...

Monday, June 7, 2010

stone washed jeans or chalk?

I sent Charlie and Livinia outside on Friday to do some sidewalk chalk. Teague, of course, wanted to draw on the sidewalk too. Unfortunately for Livinia, Teague wanted to add to her artwork and as he scooted along on with her, his jeans became a palette all their own! Dirt is intriguing too! Teague found that he could dig with his little fingers along the sidewalk. Oh, and he tasted the chalk and I know he didn't like the taste because he didn't do it again.


I made some mini birthday cupcakes for Teague and Ariyah! I think Teague ate 3!

birthday pool

Teague got this pool from Dave and Ashley for his 1st birthday. What a great idea!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Buds!

Teague & Ariyah!

Going in for the kiss!

binder park zoo

Last Saturday, Teague and I went to Binder Park Zoo with William, Deanna, Dan, and Katie. We had a blast going through the African exhibit. I actually have a cute video of the kids feeding a giraffe. Thanks for inviting us William and Deanna, next time we'll have to bring Teague's daddy along!

2 weeks ago at the beach...

this is teague's first time at the beach without eating the sand. he was so ticked off when we left because he loved it sooooo much. last year was a different story, we couldn't keep the sand out of his mouth - thank goodness we're done with that phase!

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