Monday, April 19, 2010

23 weeks and more...

Baby Micah came over Friday with his mommy and daddy. Teague was about to get into the tub, which explains him being almost naked. Still not so thrilled about Micah. I think he'll love him as soon as he realizes he can play with him when he gets a little older.

Not a very pretty belly, but eventually it'll round out. I had the same thing with Teague - weird lines. No stretch marks!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my beautiful little mess

What a morning! I made some chai tea this morning and was planning on sitting down to read b/c I was feeling a little light headed. So, I set my tea down on the highest end table and walked into my room, grabbed my hoodie, put it on, then grabbed my book and headed back to the living room. I hear this tink, tink, tink and find Teague stirring my tea. (He is so fast! He was no where near my tea when I left the room.) I said "NO". And it spilled all over. Sweet. It was totally a God thing that it was only luke warm. So I changed Teague's clothes and cleaned up the mess. I almost started crying when he spilled it b/c it was the last of the tea until I go get groceries. Hormones! Then I giggled cause I thought, how cute that Teague knew to stir the tea with the spoon left in the mug.

Fast forward a couple of hours and 5 errands later. We were downstairs. Teague was playing with his plastic tools and I was on the computer when Teague started crying. So I picked him up and held him close. Then looked at him to see if I could figure out what happened. His mouth was bleeding. Double sweet! So we ran upstairs to stop the bleeding and to find where the blood was coming from. Teague was so good. He sat on the counter while I stuck paper towels in his mouth - he bit down on them like a pro. Turns out a toy must have ripped a little piece of his gums right above his two front teeth. Again, I changed his clothes and I changed my bloody hoodie. Thank goodness for washers, paper towels, and lots of clothes for Teague to change into.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Teague & Ariyah

Amy and I both hopped on the horses with the babies.

So thirsty after riding the carousel. Yep, we went to pizza hut for lunch.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Attack of the Sock Monster!!!

I've never seen this much toe jam left behind. WOW!

New Cousin

How many women look this good after giving birth? Not many.

Tiny little man with huge feet.

Teague has a new cousin - Micah Reuben - who arrived on April 3rd. We're so excited for Matt and Jennie. Teague is not so excited when I hold Micah, he gets really jealous. I'm nervous how he'll act when our baby comes. Right now I'm thinking the worst and hoping for the best. Maybe Micah can help us train Teague.

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