Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st week alone

Working on muscle development, but I love the cross eyes! It's so cute! I still can't believe, this girl....

...came out of this belly. Wow!

Teague loved Jen Nolte's hash brown casserole. Jen - I'd love to get the recipe from you!

Drew went back to school yesterday and is still doing lawn care with Matt after school. I have been home with both kids. Yesterday was better than today, but we're all adjusting. Teague is so cute, I'll say, "good girl" when Finley burps and Teague will say it a few times too! He is becoming more gentle with her, but he still tries to use her as leverage - poor guy just doesn't understand.


  1. I just found your blog and thought that the picture of you and your husband looks so familiar! Than I realized I saw it about 100 times on Ashley and Dave's fridge! Ash and I went to school together and she's one of my closest friends:-) such a small world! Your kiddos are adorable by the way! Congrats on the new one:-)

  2. I'll give you that recipe! Very easy, but not the healthiest ingredients...cute pics! I love the cross eyes!


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