Monday, November 22, 2010

Bradley, Brent, Briggs, Julian Cabin

My mom and her 3 sisters bought a cabin just outside of Manistee. They have worked really hard on it and it's looks great. It does still smell a little like dead mice, but it's because the house hasn't been lived in in 3 years. So the mice have used it, not anymore!!!! They're definitely dead!

Look at that chunky monkey!!!

I love my naked babies. We were getting them ready for bed. So cute!

Drew and Noah on the mini motor bike.

Teague and daddy on the ATV. They were on it for at least an hour. When Teague came in he was eating a snack and from a distance I thought he had stepped in dog poop. As I got closer to it, it wasn't dog poop, it was melted shoe!!!! It had almost melted clear through the sole of it! Scary - Teague could have burned his foot!
We relaxed a lot. We finished the puzzle that Aunt Mary and Lily started. I read and lounged. It was awesome. Oh and we played a few games: Apples to Apples, Rummikub, Chess, and the new fav Wits and Wagers.

Hobo dinner in the hot coals outside. Yum!

My brother Michael stole my camera before we went to the neighbors' house. This was one of his random pics (out of focus).

My mom and the neighber Elaine. Yep, she's a Mennonite and so sweet. She and her son Jesse invited us over for coffee and hot chocolate.

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