Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Conlin Christmas

My brother Michael taking pictures of other people. I surprised him.

This is my other 13-year-old brother Alex. Doesn't he look like Bruno Mars?

Lily, Heather (Lil's mom), and Kelley

Deklan (Heather's baby) & Amy

As grandpa Conlin would say, "Nic, you look so beautiful!" Only grandpa would always tell Nicole that over the phone. How he knew she looked beautiful was beyond us, but it's true - she is beautiful! AND she's holding my little Finn.

My cousins: Kori & Kelsey

soon-to-be cousin-in-law Denise (holding Finn) - we found out yesterday she's going to marry my cousin Aaron!!! Yeah! I love happy news!

total mayhem

more craziness

There were over 40 people at my mom's house!

Whoever bought Lily this hat - I LOVE IT! Can you hand it down when you're done Lil or tell me who gave that to you so I can hunt one down for Finley???

Oh this is too precious! Teague was playing with Deanna's Beauty and the Beast tea set. He sat there for at least a half hour pouring himself tea and those that came to join him!

My girl loves the texture of the Frazier fir.

That's Jeanne Imach our friend and Realtor. She's amazing (just in case you ever need someone to sell your house or if you're looking to buy)!


  1. I'll have to find a tea set large enough for little hands to handle, so that when your two come over, we can have a tea party.

  2. You have a big family! And it looks like you guys had a blast!


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