Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hello old friend

Drew decided to put Teague in the crib with Finley and this is how it went.

Two babies having a blast!

And lovin' on each other...

So I've been in the midst of a crazy busy July.  Two weekends ago we went to a friends cabin for the weekend.  Just girls and we had a ton of fun in the lake.  Last weekend we went to my Aunt's house (but stayed with my cousin Amy) so Drew could build a retaining wall for her.  This weekend we're travelling to Badger Country for my cousin Aaron's wedding - I can't wait!!!  Then we'll be home for a day and a half and well be off to go up North for our annual trip to Big Twin Lake for a week.  I'll try to pre-post more of what's been going on....  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Yay! Missed hearing updates from you. Kiddos are adorable. Looking forward to catching up with you at the wedding! ~ Katie J.


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