Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random - MIA

I'm sad because for whatever reason my iPhone cord is not working correctly.  I have tons, I mean TONS of photos to share.  And I've been to so many different places in the last month and a lot has happened. We've been to Grand Rapids twice, I went to Chicago for the night, we've been to the beach, and got new windows. But sadly, today is not that day. 

AND I've been MIA lately because I've been tutoring an Indian student in math for 3 weeks.  He's only here for 4 weeks and he's from Calcutta, INDIA. So when I come home in the afternoon I'm busy cleaning up, checking emails, reading your blogs, and playing with my kids.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity, but I do miss my mommy friends and their kids too.  Next week girls!  I can't wait!  Let the mommy fun begin again (for me).

So last but not least I turn the big 3-0 tomorrow.  30! and I'm so pumped.

(Oh and pics to come ~ pinky swear!)


  1. I was wondering where you've been! Happy early Birthday!!!


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