Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Paint toe nails...check!
Halloween decor {since we'll be busy the minutes we get back from vacation}...check!
Fold laundry.....errr. Later.

The check list for both of us is 3 pages long to make sure we don't forget anything. That doesn't include the kids. I'm headed out this morning to do a front loader study at whirlpool this morning. Perfect time, since we could always use a little extra cash for vacation. Drew is taking the kids to story hour.

Tonight we head to Chicago for a park, sleep, fly!  Wake up at 3am and catch the shuttle at 3:55 for a super early flight at 6:30 which puts us at our destination at about lunch time!


  1. I am soo jealous that you are going to Mexico!!! I hope you have an awesome time! get a tan for me! Love ya!

  2. Have a great trip Rebecca!!! )


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