Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Twin Lake - Our last Hurrah Before School!

I love his little ears!

Yes, they are actually sitting in the canoe. It's cold outside!

Family Time!

Canoe trip around the lake.

Where are you going Dave?

Playing on the white board with green chairs.

Getting ready to go sailing. Unfortunately, they were unable to get the sailboat going. I think it was broken somehow.

Dave paddling Teague and daddy on the floating white board.

Teague and daddy sitting on a floating white board.

How cute! Teague also discovered sand a few minutes later. He couldn't stop touching it. Like all babies, he wanted to stick it in his mouth, but Drew kept telling him no and putting his hand back in the sand.

Even at 74 degrees, Teague loves being in the water, in the police car floaty.

Sitting on the dock.

This is the "land bridge" as Dave calls it.

A walk around the lake.

Sorry... I'm finally getting around to blogging these pics. We've been doing some serious financial renovations: making a budget and "the table" (Life Insurance, College Fund for Teague, Emergency Fund, and Retirement). We are so excited to make this change, so please pray for us.

Speaking of finances, that's all I heard about while we were on vacation. Thanks to Scott Nolte for lending us The Complete Guide for Young Couples by Larry Burkett. I can't speak for Ashley, but I was really tired of hearing stats and financial quotes all week long. AND at one point I actually wanted to burn the book, but instead I hid it in the diaper bag.
So, Dave and Ashley invited us to go up to their family cabin for the week. We had a blast just hanging out. We played a ton of games, the boys grilled for us almost every night, took a trip to Traverse City for a few hours, the boys and Ashley swam a lot, we went for bike rides, walks, and Drew and I canoed around the lake one morning.


  1. Wow, love all the pics, specially the ones at sunset...beautiful! Looks like tons of fun :)


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