Monday, January 4, 2010

teague updates

Teague loves to pull himself up on the bathtub. Now he's figured out how to turn on the water.

Friday's snowstorm drifts outside the screen door.

Pathway to the side door.

Build up on fence. Drew reported from an outside source we got 12 inches in 2 hours.

At Deanna's 1st birthday party.

Teague wearing Deanna's fairy rose headband.

Teague now has four teeth. We kept singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", but we got an eye tooth instead. Then, two days after Christmas we got one front tooth (the right one). Teague also pulled himself up at Matt and Jennie's house for the first time on Dec. 22nd. Now he pulls up on everything he can hold on to. The scary (and kind of funny) part is, he lands on his head every time he falls. We're trying to teach him to fall on his butt, but so far we've been unsuccessful.

Teague went through his first snow storm on Friday and after Drew and I went out for a date (we saw Sherlock Holmes - I would recommend it) Drew went out with his Uncle "H" and plowed all night. I thought I was going to have the bed all to myself and I was sooooo excited, not true, Teague wanted mama and I put up with him hogging the bed for about 4 hours. Then he went in his own bed - he wasn't happy with me, but I got 4 solid hours of sleep. Yipee!

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