Monday, May 17, 2010


I happened to catch Dr. Phil the other day when he was presenting his granddaughter to the world. Oprah had this special message for the family and also stated that she had no idea the baby was born until later. She seemed almost upset that the McGraw's hadn't called to tell her the news. To which Robin replied, it wasn't our news to share (even though she is the grandmother). Ahhhhh!! I love her for saying that. That's exactly how I feel about sharing our family news. If it's ours, please let us share it. If it's not your news, ask if you can share. I'm saying all this because I realize that people feel inclined to share news about others on their facebook. I also know that without asking permission, you could be overstepping your bounds and people feelings could get hurt. I personally feel if like you facebook, share your stuff, talk to people, share pictures, make announcements and do what you do ~ that's great, doesn't bother me a bit. However, Drew and I choose not to facebook for a number of reasons. You might ask, "Then, why blog if you want things kept private?". To which I would reply, "great question, there are certain things that I like to post personally, and other things I like to keep private." I also like to keep out of town family and friends updated with what's going on. So I'm begging please, please, please, please do not post any information about me or my family on your facebook. Let us share, and if it's something that you're dying to tell others about, will you ask us if it's okay to share first???

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