Thursday, July 22, 2010

Retaining Wall 1

It's so humid outside that my camera got foggy when I went out for today's final updated picture.

Teague wants to be just like his daddy, except that Teague will stick a handful of dirt in his mouth every once in a while. Yuck! I know.

The trench.

Dug the trench and filled it with crushed concrete and some kind of gravel/dirt mixture.
Teague and his daddy building a wall under the deck to hold the dirt in.

By the end of this landscaping project Drew will have built a total of 3 retaining walls around our house. We'll have some blackjack edging between 2 of the walls and our front walk way is between the other two. Our neighbor came over yesterday and said great Drew, now everyone is going to have to do something this cool in their yard. I know that makes Drew feel good, but the other part of that is knowing that Drew does excellent work and he does it right the first time. That's his Opa in him - and other (German) family members too - but mostly Opa.


  1. I love it! and the pic of Teague sitting while Drew works is super cute.


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