Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

Let's begin with last night...

We had our Sunday School class over last night for burgers, dogs and a good time.  Fast forward to around 8pm.  Teague comes inside with cold, wet feet and hands - and he's fussy.  My first thought - he's cold, take off wet clothes, wrap him in a cold blanket.  Still fussy.  He's reminding me of times before where he struggled to poop.  My next thought - check his diaper, nothing, let's try the potty.  We sit for five minutes, now he's crying a little harder then I notice his groin is swollen.  I totally knew even though I've never seen it before - it's a hernia.  So I consult with a few other moms and show them.  They all say go to the ER just in case it's serious.  SO off we go leaving Finn with Jamie T. (which by the way she's so awesome for putting my little lady to bed AND cleaning up the house for me - Jamie, I owe you).

I hate the ER because sometimes they take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Not this time!  We were in and 20 minutes later the doctor was in - for the record, that's faster than my pediatrician (unless we're the 1st appointment).  The first Doc said we'll do an x-ray and see if Dr. W wants to do surgery.  (I think to myself deep breath mama.  I knew these moments were inevitable, but I wasn't prepared for how I would feel).  Somewhere between waiting for Dr. W and boredom I ran home to grab books and toothbrushes just in case we had to stay the night.  When I got back Teague was climbing all over Drew and the hospital bed.  So I checked it again and it had gone way down.  The doctor ended up sending us home with some instructions and a happy kid! Drama over. Thank you everyone who said prayers for us last night.

Today we're home because I gave Teague a little stool softener and I didn't want someone else to have to take care of his mess is he had one.

Also, Drew asked me what I wanted for my mother's day breakfast and I said sleep!

Happy Mother's Day all you mama's out there!

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