Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A whole lotta stuff

Where do I begin? Or better yet where did I leave off? Camp Eberhart. Lindsay and I had a great time with all the kids on our annual trip over night in Three Rivers. Now we're about to dive headfirst into October.I'm so stoked! Bring on the cold!!!

Two weeks ago we went camping to Van Buren State Park and I'm happy to say that it was uneventful seeing as how last year I had to leave Saturday night with the kids because something was up with Teague. He just wouldnt stop crying. So almost the whole way home that night I had two screaming kids. Remember Finn was just a month old and obviously starving. Then our neighbor was blaring a late football game. Ummmmmm..... Hello?? People are trying to sleep!?!?!? And if I remember correctly it was the first weekend that was cool enough to have the windows open.

I digress.

This past weekend Drew and I went to Chicago and had an absolutely amazing time. Our sweet friends Jud and Tyler lent us their condo, CTA passes and gift cards to go out to dinner along with an array of other recommendations. Friday we went to PF Changs for dinner and headed back to the condo to sleep. I know lame right?! Then Saturday we hit up Ann Sather for breakfast then shopping, lots and lots of shopping. I loved every minute. I take that back. I loved every single second! It was so nice to FINALLY have extra cash to go and buy clothes. Then we saw a movie, had dinner and went to see another movie. It was glorious! I can't remember the last movie Drew and I saw together. Sunday we went to breakfast, whole foods and then we packed up and headed back home. My favorite part of the weekend (because it was so hilarious) was the condom we saw on the tail pipe of someone's car. Then there were the occasional belligerent drunks and I'll never forget the homeless rambler on the "L" talking about anything he saw transitioning into talk about blow jobs just like it was no big deal. I couldn't help but smile because I knew his mind was gone and he couldn't stop himself from being totally inappropriate.

I'm rambling again.

Last bit of exciting news. Well maybe not so exciting news first. Our desktop computer is on the frits. Best Buy informed us that it would take fours weeks to repair. We couldn't wait that long to have a computer so my hubs decided to buy me a new white iPad!!! Since we've become debt free Drew's been spoiling me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it! Happy rest of the week bloggy friends! Hopefully I can post some pictures soon!

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