Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Randoms!

I think I like this outfit.  I randomly put it together a few weeks ago.

This is the position I've been in lately, but I usually have a book in hand because I'm simultaneously reading four books. Not at the same time but I'll pick one up and read a chapter, pick up another book, get sucked in and read and read and read.  It's awesome! 

I love the scooners at Silver Beach Pizza and I love the pizza too! But I love that when they deliver the scooner - it's frozen with beer inside, then the ice starts to rise to the top.  And when I take a sip it's ice cold! YUM!

Teague is totally into potty training right now.  He pees on the potty.  He has big boy undies and he's says, "I man!" because he's not wearing diapers anymore.  We have an insert and we have a frog potty that sits on the floor.  Today was the first time in a year that he's pooped on the potty.  Last year he was pooping on the potty but ended up with an inguinal hernia and ever since has refused to go.  His reward is an organic sucker from Trader Joes.  Finn got one too (even though all she does is sit on the frog with her clothes on. Sometimes she likes to relocate the potty to the living room. I've tried to put her on right before bath time and sister just freaks!!!)

<em>Boys Paul Frank</em> Julius <em>Underwear</em> Knickers <em>Briefs</em>
I took Finn's pacifiers away.  We call them Zoogies, she calls them "googies".  Yesterday, her nap went so smoothly without them.  Bed time was a different story.  She went to bed okay, but keeping her asleep was a huge challenge.  It was frusterating to say the least, but we made it.
Tomorrow, I'm finally getting to my giveaway!  I made a new felt flower pin.  I think it looks so much better than the first one I did.  It's even a different color.  I can't wait to show you.  Make sure to come back tomorrow to enter!!!

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