Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

There's a saying that goes something like, "a messy house is a happy house". While that's true. For me, a messy house equals a chaotic brain and stress (not happy). I don't like being messy and I don't like it when my house gets dirty either. I'd say for the most part I'm pretty organized. And that makes me happy! I love feeling like I've accomplished something, contributed to the well-being of my house, and the well-being of my mind.  Thus the reason I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. Priorities: cleaning and playing with my kids. That and reading.  This week I read Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson and I've moved on to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I can't put it down. And I still need to pick up a copy of Bloom by Kelle Hampton.

Poison Ivy. It always makes it's way into our house via Drew's clothes. I get it because I do the laundry and almost never wash my hands after handling his work clothes.  You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after getting it about 3 times every year. But sadly, no, I haven't. What's even worse is that Finn has it. BAD. Down the back of her legs, on her behind and she has spots on her lady parts and also under her lip where it's nice and moist from her pacifier and inside her mouth.  What I've learned is that once it's in your system it can show up ANYWHERE! Which is why it's in random areas.  Poor girl! She's been so uncomfortable and hasn't been sleeping well at all.

Easter in pictures. Enough said.

Rockford, MI. This past weekend we visited our sweet friends Doug & Sarah. As usual we had a great time with them.

Teague is so proud of his monkey undies.  You can catch a glimpse of them here. It has to be said that in the morning when he gets dressed, he has to run to the full length mirror, check out the monkey on his bum and do a happy feet dance.  We love it!

"Seriously crazy wife, quit taking pictures of yourself."

10K. I'm at the end of 5 weeks into my training. Today I have a 4 mile run. Still not loving it. I love getting it done even though it still hurts, I just run through the pain.  Last night I had Drew stretch out my lower body and it felt so good.  This morning when I hopped out of bed I didn't hobble around like a little old lady. I need to start registering for more races during the summer just to keep me accountable and somewhat motivated.  Drew's running the Chicago marathon and if he qualifies for Boston again I'm making him run that one too!

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. wow - good work on the running and oh my stars, your 2 little ones are SO sweet!!

  2. Loving all the pics, I have been going through blogging withdrawal! Ahhhhhh!

    You will love Bloom, I just finished it! I am wanting to read Heaven is Here too!

    Dude congrats on the running, you rock!


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