Sunday, August 9, 2009

teague's first boo boo

Sorry honey, I have to be candid. So, Drew really wanted to try and cut Teague's fingernails tonight. I never let him do it because I'm a control freak and it was hard to do when Teague wasn't so squirmy. (As all parents know - fingernails grow just about as fast as when you cut them.) So, I leave the room to go downstairs and fold laundry. I think I folded a pair of underwear and Drew comes down the stairs and says, "um....I think you better take over". Drew shows me Teague's bloody finger. He accidentally cut one fingernail and finger (I cut the other nine fingernails). I will say that Teague didn't even notice his finger had been cut and was smiling when Drew brought him to me.
I figured out that I love my husband for trying and what happens to Teague is a reflection of us, even though I feel responsible and usually have to provide explanations. (Note: we did not leave Teague alone with the bandaid on his finger. I was afraid he would stick it in his mouth and choke.)


  1. haha....on no!! That is a classic Drew least Teague didn't really mind!


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