Tuesday, February 8, 2011

superbowl bust

 Yep, Teague has another bruise on his head.  I feel like such a helpless mother borderline bad mom.  We were at Matt and Jennie's and of course Teague was zipping around the house when he slipped right onto their tv console.  Instant goose egg.  Drew, Alli and I held Teague down so I could put ice on it. Of course he hated it.  Thank goodness it didn't split open, there would have been blood everywhere. 
Today, it's already turning yellow.

1 comment:

  1. 1- Fin's hat is SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!! LOVE!!! gotta see it with the feathers
    2- didn't realize drew had surgery...did it help?
    3- how is teague's head??? and p.s. you are a great mom! actually, you impress me with your mom skillZ and i have actually aspired to be a mom like you (besides my own mom)...what's your secret? :) ash j


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