Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm totally going to ramble tonight mostly because I'm a rambler and my thoughts are so random and mushy.  Other moms out there you know what I mean.

Let me start with Teague. Friday we started something new. Enter pooping on the toilet. I totally caught Teague making one of those faces and I quickly grabbed him and put him on the toilet. We hung out for about 15 minutes when his turd decided to make it's debut. We celebrated, did a few high tens, woo hoo's and then I was faced with the do I or don't I. Do I take a picture of this and tuck it away for his eyes only as a moment in his history to be  proud of and if I do, is that really gross? I decided it was a little too much. So I didn't. But I was kinda sad to watch that 1st poop swirl down into the hole of grossness. And while we're on the topic of gross. Tonight, I transitioned Teague in the tub and Finn out of the tub at about the same time and he peed on her. Awesome. Don't worry, she's clean. Again.

Yesterday at my mom's house Teague wanted a hair pretty (as we call them) in his hair and so I let him. I mean, how often to guys get to experience what it's like to be a lady. It's hard stuff and sometimes not so fun. He sported his sprout all day long and when we got home Drew asked politely never to do that again. Oops! (I thought it was okay and justified it by saying he looked like a blonde baby sumo wrestler. Right?)

Whoa!  High heels baby!  After church on Sunday night I was in the kitchen doing something and I hear Teague come clicking into the room.  In my heels.  I love my boy.  He's always keeping me on my toes.  Pun intended.

gettin' low

Hope y'all have a fantastic snow day tomorrow! 

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