Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates and a Scowl!

Mid-happy scream.
My sweet baby and his big blue eyes find another way to play with his saucer.

Last Friday I was working with Drew and the leaf pile was soooo high, I just had to jump in!



Jazz hands.

Another scowl. It's his new favorite look.

Milestones for being 36 weeks old:

  1. sits well in a chair
  2. can pick up and manipulate two objects (one in each hand)
  3. responds to name (Teague, Teagie, Teagie Boops, Boops, Boopers - yep, these are all the crazy names we call him)
  4. wants to be near parent (total separation anxiety)
  5. imitates play
  6. objects when something is taken away from him
  7. feeds himself some foods
  8. shakes his head NO


  1. hehe he's so cute! that scowl is adorable!!

  2. thanks Kristin - ran into Jorden today, his drawing was fantastic!


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