Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We've been busy!

Pre-Thanksgiving Kiss

Auntie Lissa took these silly pictures of Teague.

Teague loved turkey and sweet potatoes. He ate the mashed potatoes but didn't really care for them.

Ryder, Matt, and look closely to the left, there is another Maier on the way (being slow-cooked by Auntie Jennie)!

Uncle Norm's huge man hands! Look at Teague's fingers compared to Norms!

Teague's first Christmas Tree! It's a real Frazier Fir.

Friday evening we went to Grand Rapids to visit Zori and Normano. We also went to the Wealthy Village Christmas Tree Lighting.

Sunday afternoon visit with: Katie, Dan, William and Deanna Julian.

Angry food face!


  1. so cute! teauge is adorable!!! how long until jennie pops his cousin out?!

  2. She's due April 10th! I think you're having a boy too!


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