Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Itch

Drew totally spilled the beans the other day and I have shared with very few people that I've been baby buggin' lately.  As in I've got the bug.  Thank the good Lord I chose to have the Mirena IUD at my 6 week postpartum with Finn.  Otherwise, I might actually be pregnant right now. I seriously want to stew on this for a long, long while and go on vacation with just my hubs before I make any decisions.

I've been trying to be very cautious of others because I know SO MANY women who are struggling to get pregnant.  So I've been trying to be uber sensitive and not say anything because frankly, I think that's probably what I'd want if I were going through the same thing. You know, "treat others the way you want to be treated". So that's my disclaimer.

I've been weighing my options HEAVILY.  Is this really what I want? Do I really want to start over again? Do I really want to BE pregnant again? (NO I don't).  Am I prepared for more sleepless nights - like a whole year? (NO). Am I being practical? Our house would be just about bursting at the seams.  And my Ford Escape would be packed tight!

BUT and this is a BIG but, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stage that my kids are in right now.  It's totally my favorite.  I love being at home with them.  I know that each one is a blessing from GOD and I'm so very grateful He gave me two awesome kiddos. Plus, I enjoy watching them grow. 

I guess what I really want to know - all of you mothers out there - is will I always feel this way?  If I had a third, will I be itching for a fourth?????


  1. I really enjoyed your article. More power to you!

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