Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cute Pics

Teague in the baby buggy at my mom's house!

Me pushing Teague around the house. He held on all by himself and he seemed to like it.

Yesterday, we had a visit with Tiffany and Ryder Passick. Ryder and Tiffany are the ones we met in our baby class last year. Ryder turns 1 in a week! Happy Birthday!

I can't believe how different these two guys are. Ryder is so active and strong. He was even moving the furniture around my house! Teague is just laid back and loves to hang out.

Okay, some of you heard this story today, but I'll tell it again. I left Teague playing with toys this afternoon and ran upstairs really quick to refill my iced tea and get him some juice. I start hearing some huffing and puffing, thinking he's making his way toward the stairs. I turn to head back down and to my total surprise, Teague is halfway up the stairs. I did my best not to freak out and actually encouraged him to finish and go all the way to the top. When he got to the landing he started to slide a little. I decided that that was my cue to pick him up because my instincts were telling me nothing good was going to happen after that - so I didn't take any chances. Other things he's doing, definitely babbling, ba, ga, go, mama. I have a video of Teague saying no when I asked him to say mama. He likes to "sing" (in his own way), play Drew's guitar - he figured out he can play it if he hits the strings with the palm of his hand, and he gives me kisses!

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