Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my babies

Valentine's Day Picture

I bought this grill for Drew. It was 1/2 off at Menards and it's charcoal (which we love)! I was going to buy one for Christmas but they were soooo expensive. I'm glad we waited for the deal. Barbecue over the summer anyone???

Chops on the grill! They were so good. The smell of charcoal reminds me of my step dad. He is the best grill master I know. His food is amazing!

Okay, this one is obviously not mine, but he's so cute! Sarah brought Lincoln over when I had my first in-home. He hogged the best chair in the house. We didn't mind at all!

Me and and my semi-naked baby. It's too risky to let him go without a diaper. There's my 13-week-almost-non-existent baby bump. My back is arched because I'm lugging that 20-something pound kid.

Naked breakfast.
Teague has 6 teeth now. I was totally expecting another tooth on top. Surprise! I actually found it on the bottom.
The new baby is healthy and has a heartbeat of 160 beats-per-minute. (Did I get that right or is it said differently all you nurses out there?) We find out the sex of this baby March 30th at 8:30am! We're still not sure if we're going to tell or keep it a secret, we shall see...

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