Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drew's Surgery


Last week Wednesday, Drew had a septoplasty and a myringotomy ~ in other words he had some cartilage in his nose shaved off and tubes put in his ears.

(right after surgery)

(after ~ today)

Other stuff happening - my chatterbox Finley is babbling dadadadadada.  I told Drew he won this one since Teague's first babbling word was mama.  (remember his first real word was a fluke, it was ouch)  Teague is turning the corner into his two's.  I'm not so sure they're terrible, but they are def trying.  So for now that's what I'll call them the "trying twos".  He's trying to master the art of whining (which doesn't work with us), squeezing his body inbetween us and what ever we happen to be doing (like right now he's trying to get between me and the computer), and he's trying to use his good looks and charm to get his way (also NOT effective).  You catch my drift.  Got to go he's climbing up on to the keyboard. Have a great rest of the week!!!

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