Monday, March 28, 2011

bad big sister

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and I forgot about his party.  I know I know shame on me!!!  I feel so horrible and rotten since my brother wrote a paper on about me this year about what a great sister I've been.  And what do I do?  I forget his birthday.

So Alex, since you wrote 3 whole pages about me and what I mean to you, let me start by doing the same.

Ever since mom told me she was pregnant with you I was over the moon with excitement!  You were what I had been waiting for for fourteen years.  I'll never forget the day you arrived.  Mom and Craig left for Kzoo early in the morning and I got up with my alarm and headed to eighth grade that day.  2 hours into school Aunt Fran surprised me by picking me up and we headed to the hospital.  On the way we sang Breakfast at Tiffany's (a song Aunt Fran said reminded her of me everytime she heard it on the radio).  I remember mom being in such pain and Aunt Fran and I were right outside the door crying and praying for your safety and moms too.  When you were born it was love at first sight.  I know I didn't give birth to you, but I felt like you were mine. 
 I wore this mask because I had a cold and we didn't want you to catch it.

Oh how I loved to spend every minute with you when I was home from school. 


You are an amazing brother.
You taught me how to be a sister and you trained me to be a mom.
It has been a pleasure watching you grow into who you are today.
You're tall (and getting taller), dark, handsome and smart too!
I'm so sorry I wasn't at your party yesterday ~ please forgive me for that.
I love you so much!  Happy 14th Birthday little brother!

Forever your big sis!


  1. What a cutie he is! Happy birthday to him!

  2. Nice tribute to your brother. You just look a little older now.


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