Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been battling a sinus infection since last week.  It really peaked yesterday and I feel awful.  It's moved from my face back up to my head and although it still hurts I'm thankful it's not in my face anymore.  I've been using the Netty pot to try and clear things up and rinse out the bacteria.  Let me tell you - those of you who've never used one before - whoa, it's a really weird experience!  Hopefully I'll feel better so I can do some good shopping with Katie J tomorrow!  Happy weekend everyone!
Hey Kell, I have a very vivid memory of Nicole doing this to your hair all.the.time. and you would just sit there and let her do it because you were such a sweet baby!

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  1. Oh no! That totally sucks! I've had a sore throat (that felt like strep) most of this week and it was no fun! I hope you feel better soon.Finley is so adorable!


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