Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photos/2year update

A few weeks ago we had a million just a few photos taken of our kiddos by Eileen Dimino.  As you can see by the photos she owns Traditions Photography in South Bend.  In the past she has taken some amazing photos of Teague so we decided to call her again to photograph Teague (2 years) and Finley (6 months).  The thing I hate is that her pictures are SO GOOD they're hard to choose from because I want them ALL!  Thanks Eileen!  Can't wait to see the rest!!!

Quick Updates: I missed Teague's actual birthday post. So I'll do that later.  Yesterday he went potty on the toilet!  Finley's 1st tooth popped today, she sits up, babbles mama and dada...  Ummm... my brain is mush because I've been sick the last couple of days but I'm sure I'll remember right before I fall asleep tonight.  Like I said more to come this week....


  1. hey, LOVE the pics!!!!!! cute cute cute!!!but i want to see them closer up! and teague cannot so be two already! NO WAY. we have to all get together!!! its been forever. ash j

  2. ps hope you feel better :(


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