Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Today I feel like this -

Kelle Hampton writes: "Tonight I am grateful for what we are learning. I am inspired by the way challenges are shaping us. I am fueled by any remaining fear and sadness. I am motivated to see people for who they are inside--for what they have to offer rather than what they are lacking or how they are different. I hope you are learning this with me."

I love her and I know there are so so many others who read her blog religiously like I do.

This weekend we walked a lot! Here are some of the things we did:

Shirt Powers:

My younger (oldest) brother Alex was in a play this past weekend called Shirt Powers.  It's written by Lisa Cripps-Downey and it was directed by Bill Downey.  It was probably one of the best show I've ever seen done by teens.  It was all about labels, they begin around middle school age and they never quite go away. But we have the power to show others who we are.  As you can tell I loved it!

This was so sweet and a little bit awkward because we both leaned in to kiss each other on the cheek and we almost ended up kissing.  Oh well, he is my brother!

the cast

My babies love each other and my heart beams when I see things like this.

Our boy is totally potty trained.  He goes potty and poop without being asked to go.  He only needs help putting his undies and shorts/pants back on.  My advice was given to me by another mom.  Wait until he/she is 3, it takes about a week and then you don't have to stress about accidents - EVER! That is unless you have a kid that totally wants to go on the potty earlier.  Teague still gets a sucker for going poop and he wears his undies to bed for his nap and at night.  I'm telling you, if you want stress free, wait till they're three.

FYI: He's totally playing.  I just happened to take this photo when he was being totally goofy.  The rest is on video and it's pretty hilarious!

Teague update: things down there are better than I expected.  We are praying the fluid around his left teste goes down before he has a second surgery to bring that right one back down again.  It's hanging out with the scar tissue from the first surgery. I'm so thankful!  Our next appt. is in 6 months from now. We are taking it slow.


  1. That pic of your kiddos holding hands---awwww!!! Also, keeping Teague in our prayers...

  2. Yeah, that picture of them holding hands was too cute, I got a lil misty eyed! So glad to hear the hopefuly news from Teague's doctor! Oh, and the one with Teague on the toilet is going to be legendary when he gets older...


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