Saturday, August 7, 2010

Staining the Fence

Backyard view - nice huh?

(Opa wanted to put a lock on this door). This is the difference in color from treated oak to the Mahogany stain by Sikkens.

This is the fence that Opa built us last year. It is a privacy fence, but if you've ever driven by our house there is no privacy from the road, only from our favorite neighbor Jenn who lives next door. He also wanted to put a lock on the fence door because he thought it's important to keep people out. But I was like Opa, who are we going to keep out, when you can just walk around the house??? SO he installed a little string you can pull to get in from the outside.

He really wanted to stain the fence for us and since we are quite busy, Drew with landscaping projects and me with raising one baby and growing another, we thought we'd let Opa do it. So far so good! I think we're going to do the deck by ourselves though.

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