Sunday, August 15, 2010

40 weeks and still counting...

These pics were taken today after about a 3 mile walk. Yes, I've tried EVERYTHING to try and get this girl out (and no, I won't go into detail because some of it's personal and some of it's gross). Guess what, none of it works. So now, I'm waiting - still!
Some differences in my two pregnancies:
  • I gained 10 less pounds with her than I did with Teague.
  • My belly button popped out this time. With Teague it was totally flat.
  • My belly protrudes forward instead of being really round around the sides.
  • I was more nauseous this time and still sometimes am (never threw up with either).

The good news is she'll be here within the week. Whether she comes on her own or we force her out, she's coming... Can't wait to share her name. Those that know it, love it, and so do we!!!

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