Monday, August 16, 2010

another 4 mile trek!

This is our new jogging stroller. I bought it in July thinking that I would benefit from it more than Drew because I selfishly wanted it knowing he would take the kids on runs with him and I would get a break. The truth is I love it for that reason AND because I can walk with the kids in the stroller and lose some baby weight in the process (plus it's lighter than our other stroller)!!! It's a win win for me.
So Teague and I walked another 4 miles this morning. I love it except now that I'm so late in my pregnancy it really hurts my pubic bone and pelvis. I'm doing it anyway because I know it will help me move her further and further down into my birth canal.
The beach was so gorgeous this morning. There were huge gusts of cool wind coming off the lake - a rare gem for the middle of August and equally as nice for full-term pregos like myself. The sand was even cool looking. It had those ripples in it like they do in the ocean made by the waves except these ripples were covering the sidewalk and made overnight by the wind. I love living in Saint Joseph!

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