Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Days 1 & 2} Mexico

View from our room {1611} to the left.  The view from our front door was all tropical with the mountains in the background.

View from our room to the right.

Beachfront. Right outside the hotel grounds.

2 of the 7 restaurants to choose from.

infinity pool

Drew ran the beach most days we were there.  The first day he discovered this pier.


Some other things that happened (I just don't want to forget):

We met people almost every single day {Jeff, Jill, Lisa, Chris, Brady, Sam, Jessica, Carlos, Amanda, Becky, Jennifer, and a whole bunch of others} thanks to my very social husband. I tend to clam up. I don't know why people scare me so much?! 

When they had Mexican night at the hotel Drew ate 12 tacos and tried an onion that was in the habanero salsa and couldn't eat for about 5 minutes because his mouth was on fire.

More pics and memories to come...

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