Thursday, November 22, 2012

{Day 3} Mexico

This was the zipline, horseback riding, tequilla tour portion of our trip. They wouldn't let us take our camera on the zipline, so we opted for the video (we need help with this making it compatible with our computer if anyone is willing to help) and we had a blast.  Once again, when you're out on the line alone and the only thing holding you up is a harness, and a couple of carabiners you pray for God's hand to literally come up under you and hold you until you reach the other end. *Disclaimer: I used to be much more daring, and much less of a wuss. Having kids changes your fears - it gives you new ones and heightens the existing ones.* However, I choose not to let my fears cripple me.  And on this particular day I chose to fly through the air, 10 times. Once upside down, twice with someone else, but mostly all. by. my. lonesome.  It was worth every second!

You can see 4 lines here.  Most of them were higher than these and a couple lower!

Enjoying a mango pronounced "mon-go" {in Mexico} margarita after ziplining! 

Two littles we spotted horseback riding. One had undies on and the other had his birthday pants on (wink wink).  They were too cute and completely surounded by chickens and other farm animals.

Yep! We went through the river twice!

And we were serenaded by a mostly toothless man.  We gave him a dollar.

This meal cost us over $50.  We were out in the middle of nowhere with one paved road!  I can't imagine why this lunch cost us so much money?!  Maybe because we're from the US.

I needed, yes needed to hold this baby Valentine.  He was the owner's grandson and just sitting in the middle of the restaurant by himself.  So I asked our server if I could hold him.  I got a good 20 minutes with him and I was so thankful because I was desperatly missing my kids and he helped to fill my need to love on a baby!

blue agave

blue agave with it's leaves cut - looks like a pineapple or a pine cone

the pit where the "pineapples" are cooked for 2 days {I think}


  1. Mexico looked amazing! What cool things you guys did there!! :)

    Hey, also...guess I am going to have a baby shower in Stevensville, after all! Laura and her mom are throwing it for me (first weekend in Jan). I wanted to make sure you knew since you commented on wanting to come before :) I can't seem to find your email address, so can you email me your mailing address at That is, if you're still intersted in coming! :) We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you, but PLEASE don't feel obligated! :) :)

  2. Haha I love the "serenading toothless man". Looks like you guys a lot of fun...jealous!


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