Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{Day 4} Mexico

Saturday, we headed to downtown Puerto Vallarta with our sweet new friends Jeff and Jill. We decided to split a cab and it worked out great!
This is so inappropriate, but funny. Obviously taken by the hubs.

Rock Sculptures

There were real guys in this "sculpture".  I can't even imagine how hot it was under all that.

I'm not photogenic so please ignore this photo of me.  Drew always looks great! 

So our neighbors who've been to PV several times said we HAD to go to PiPi's for guac and margaritas! It was hard to find because it was pretty much in a alley but so worth it.  I have to say the most disappointing part of our trip is that our all inclusive really didn't have authentic Mexican food except for one night.  However, when we travelled out of our resort we were NEVER disappointed!!

I didn't know how big these babies were until we got them.  May I point out the bowl of guac {which was made fresh at our table} compared to our margaritas.  Yep, they were huge and like my father-in-law says "we felt no pain" when we left{although Drew said he felt normal}. PiPi's also threw in a free appetizer and each couple split an entree. We were happily stuffed!

Creepy!  These were everywhere!

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