Thursday, November 29, 2012

{Day 6} Mexico

Ok. I totally fibbed yesterday.  The morning that we took the Marietta Islands excursion was overcast.
These first few photos were taken on our way out of the river and into the bay.

I didn't wear makeup. What's the point since we were about to go snorkeling?  {Might I add that I am not a water person. at. all. Well, I was a swimmer in high school, but the diving area always caused me a lot of anxiety. Deep water freaks me out! Somehow in my mind I always saw shark potential in the deep end. I know, I know it's not possible and a shark could never survive long in chlorinated water! But it scared me!  So you can imagine my total apprehension for snorkeling.}  Drew was of course the first person in the ocean and I just waited until there were others in the water. My logic: if there are people surrounding me, then surely if a shark comes and starts attacking us then I won't be the first person it finds!  I also needed to use the same logic as I used when I zip lined. If I don't take this chance, I could be missing out on an awesome opportunity! I can't let fear run my life. So I took the plunge - literally.  The water was beautiful and we saw all kids of really cool fish and sea urchins and a jelly fish.  We even got to swim through a cave to a beach on the other side.  That hole {the one with the beach on the other side of the cave} was made by test bombs during one of the World Wars.  At this point I became nauseous and needed to head back to the boat for some fresh water.  That meant I had to swim by myself.  So I did, I was ridiculously freaked out, but I did it!  I ate some snacks and drank some water which totally helped me feel better.

Something else that I noticed was how extremely powerful the ocean is.  It was so amazing to watch the waves carry us all around like we were little... really we looked like a little school of humans fish just floating in the water.  I just can't compare it to Lake Michigan it is that strong.

the entertainment...



The Marietta Islands

home of the blue footed boobie

We got to hang out at one of the islands.  It was basically deserted, but there were crabs: black ones and sand colored ones too!  It was nice to just enjoy the beach for a while!

perfect sand

that's Drew in the water

Drew laying on the sand in the water.

I definitely got some sun and I was still feeling kind of funny after being on the boat most of the day.  But it was fun and so worth it!

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