Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Long Overdue} Chicago Marathon Photos

We all were able to use the "L" with this card. My sweet friends Jud and Ty let us stay in their condo again and they always let us use their transit card.  We love them!
Mile 8: Drew is in the white, long-sleeve on the left.
He ran right in front of us, and like an idiot I yelled "go babe" not Drew.

We also made it to mile marker 12 and I thought we missed him, turns out we didn't wait long enough.

The last 200 yards. Drew can tell he's hurting, but I thought he looked great!

I'm so proud of the hubs for completing his second marathon! In my opinion he's a freak (a good one) because he can run so fast.

AND yes, I'm about to load our mexico trip onto blogger! Finally.

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