Friday, August 12, 2011

Aaron & Denice's Wedding

I totally forgot to take pictures of my own at my cousin Aaron's wedding.  So I'm using the two my Aunt Laura sent me.  I hope this is okay.  First, I want to brag about how perfect this wedding was.  Denice, if you're reading this - you did an amazing job planning your perfect day.  It was awesome!  AND you looked absolutely amazing!  Thank you for including us on your special day.  Oh and PS who knew you were such a freak on the dance floor?!?!?! It has to be said that my husband is so jealous that I don't dance like you - he was impressed.

Look at these two gorgeouses (I know it's not a real word but come on!) I'm proud to say they are my Aunt's: Jeanne and Laura (Aaron's mama)

And the food.  Yumm!  I'm such a sucker for good food!

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