Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Twin - Mancelona

First I want to start this post by saying that Ashley Jewell took all of these photos.  They are amazing! She is a nurse (and should be a photographer too).

August 1st we drove up North to Mancelona Michigan for our annual trip with the Jewell's.  This is our 4th summer getting together for a week and our 3rd going to the Snyder cabin.  We were surrounded by good friends, good food, good laughs, and a great new game: celebrity. 

 A daddy and his girl.

 Ashley printed this photo and gave it to us for Finn's birthday.
 Jennie and I got our hot little hands on the fridge.  We thought it would be cool to change things up a bit with our names - even using different symbols for the letters - plus we added our ages.  It reads: Bicah 1, Finn 1, Teaguee 2, Bex 29 (that's me), Ash 26, Jenie 25, Matoots (Matt) 28, Drew 26, and Dave 26.
 Here's the celebrity bucket.  If you ever want to learn how to play?  Just ask and we'll show you.

 I love this picture of Micah and Jennie on the way to/from Mackinac Island.

 Our sweet friends Dave and Ashley.  Thanks for having us again.

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  1. All those pictures look amazing! I just love Ashely! I get to see her in September for our 'yearly girl's meeting' and I'm just so crazy excited about it!
    I'm so glad you guys had all this fun together :-)


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