Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey Guys!  I need a favor.  I lost ALL of my old phone numbers.  After begging and pleading with Drew about getting a new PHONE he finally caved gave my what I wanted (do I sound like a total brat or what?!?!)  Let me explain....  after weeks of not having a fully functioning phone (first I lost all use of the left side of my screen, then the right, finally the whole screen wouldn't work except for maybe a freak 15 seconds A DAY where I could actually call 1 person [so I really had to make that one call count]) I got a new one today and it has all the bells and whistles. It's a white i phone 4! I'm really excited!

I'm rambling... sorry!

So what's the favor you ask?  Well, I need you all to shoot me a text so I can re-add you to my contact list.  Make sure to tell me your name so I'm not left wondering who you are. Happy Wednesday ~ I'm off to give baths and do billing with Drew.

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  1. so your new phone.


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