Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Brand Spankin' New
 One Month Old
Two Months Old
 Three Months Old - Whoa look at that belly!  I've always had some hearty milk!
 Four Months Old
 Five Months Old - And finally getting really cute - she looks like her and not a baby baby.
 Six Months Old and only has eyes for daddy.
 Seven Months Old in a Rockford Cafe
 Eight Months Old eating a chocolate Milano cookie - this love she shares with her Aunt Jennie - CHOCOLATE!
 Nine Months Old
   Ten Months Old           Eleven Months Old
Her Year Old Picture to Come! Happy Birthday my sweet baby.  I love you more than words....


  1. Awww...Happy Birthday to your little beauty! Can't believe she's already 1!! - Katie J.

  2. Always a cutie, happy birthday Finley!!


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