Friday, December 30, 2011

October Phone Dump

So at the end of September, Drew and I headed to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate being debt-free.  Our good friends Jud and Tyler graciously handed over the keys to their condo and headed to Michigan to stay at their other place down the street from us. We had a blast and like almost all trips we take I forgot to take pictures.  However, I did take a few.  We enjoyed breakfast at this Ann Sather - twice! The food was amazing!

This is Wrigley Field - we were headed downtown on the "L" to do some shopping. Then there's the John Hancock taken on Lakeshore Drive on our way home.  Like I said I'm terrible at taking photos.  This is all I have.


During the fall I wasn't blogging at all but I was keeping up with everyone and most of you said fall is your favorite time of year. Mine too! I love it, everything about it: the smells, the colors, the crisp air - it's all glorious!

We took a trip to Jolly Orchard and then the Chocolate Garden. We splurged but we budgeted and it was worth it! Here we picked up a pumpkin or 3 (I can't remember), some doughnuts, cider, and we ate caramel apples! Yum!

Teague's hand on my leg. So sweet!  He was holding on while we were on the hayride.

Sister loves hay!
And her daddy!

One October night we went for a walk because when it's nice outside we like to walk - we stopped at the Choclate Cafe for coffee and headed to the bluff.  It was such a beautiful night. I love the carousel in the background and Lake Michigan!

We also went to a couple of weddings on back-to-back weekends, both at the Blue Dress Barn.  This one was Sharlee and Benjy's wedding.  It was perfect in everyway.  I even shed some happy tears when Benjy danced with his mom.

Sharlee and Benjy. Doesn't she look perfect?  And does anyone watch Once Upon A Time on ABC?  Sharlee looks just like Emma!

 Halloween: That's my pumpkin and my lion and my handsome husband.  Oh and the scary skeleton?  That's my baby brother Noah.  I was so proud of him too because he was so patient with Teague when they trick-or-treated.  I know he was just itching to run around and get more candy, but he didn't. He held Teague's hand and made sure he said "can-ies" (well he was supposed to say "trick-or-treat" or at least "thank you") for candy.  It was precious!
Whoa! Teague got a hold of my phone!
I love this picture! Teague and his "Bicah" asleep at grandma's house.

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  1. Oh, this post makes me miss living in St. Joe! I love Jolly Orchards, the Chocolate Cafe, and OH how I miss the Lake!!!! Yes, I do watch Once Upon a Time and you're right about the Emma-look-alike! Your kiddos are just too cute...I wanna eat them up. :)


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