Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's been a long time!

Things are definitely happening here in the Maier house. Most recently is our sick, sick baby Finn. It all started Tuesday with a fever and after 3.5 days and scary high temps we've transitioned to just constipation. Which might be worse. I thought yesterday the worst was over but boy was I wrong!!! She's been in serious pain all afternoon. So now after some milk of magnesia we're praying for poop and lots of it! I want my girl to want to walk - she doesn't even want to stand and she hardly even sits. I'm so thankful that Drew bought us a tv for our room. It's times like these when I'm glad I didn't listen to others criticize and tell us the romance would be taken away if we brought a tv into our room. Let me tell all you skeptics out there, so far so good - romance is alive and kickin' and may even be better then ever. Just sayin'!

So where have I been in the last couple of months? Well I'll share that soon! Where are all of my pictures been in the last... well,since summer? They're stashed away in my phone because I can't hook up my iPhone to my iPad and I don't know how to transfer and load. Can someone teach me and soon? Must post photos! Happy Saturday y'all!

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  1. If both iphone and ipad are on ios5 operating system, then you can use icloud to transfer photos. Any questions you can call me or stop by and I'll show you.
    Justin Kotyuk


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