Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Randoms

This post was started last week:

1) Last week with good intentions I shaved one leg and forgot the other. So the next day, I shaved the other leg.
2) My 17-month-old baby girl cooed tonight (last Wednesday night - like 9 days ago) in her sleep. Ahhh memories!

3) Last night I was trying to teach Teague how to say Uncle Matt.  I started with Uncle and he repeated perfectly. [Uncle.] Then Matt. [Matt.] I put it together Uncle Matt. [Bunkle Matt.]

4) My latest and greatest obsession has been Food Network. Chopped to be exact.  It's such a great, clean show. Plus, I get some pretty cool ideas from watching.  However!  There are some whacked out ingredients I would NEVER (knowingly) eat: pancreas, heart, bone thanks!

5) My kids have met their word milestones: Teague can say well over 200 words (before the age of three) and Finn can say just about 50 words (before age two).  Finn is early and much earlier than Teague.  I doubt he was even saying 20 words when he turned 2. 

6) I've been totally into puzzles lately.  I have fond memories doing huge puzzles with my mom as a little girl.  I've done two 1,000 piece puzzles in the last 3 weeks.

7) In November I quit my job teaching. Yesterday and the day before I've been totally slimed with boogers and tears.  All I could think was - and you might think I'm crazy - this is awesome!  I love being home all day with my kids.  It's worth every tear, runny nose, cough, poopy diaper - all of it. I'm so incredibly happy to be home - grossness and all.

8) Teague got a black eye at church 2 weeks ago. He was running and hit a cabinet.  It was a nice shiner, but now it's almost gone!

9)Sometimes I get into these homemade food days.  Last week I made homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Drew said it was one of his favorite dinners.  Maybe because it was made with love?

10) I need to go and pack. We're headed to Battle Creek without Drew (because it's supposed to snow - so that means he'll be plowing while we're out having fun). We'll miss you honey!


  1. HAHAH I am dying over shaving one leg and not the other! I totally did that before with my armpits hahahahahah

    I love that she heart is melting!!!

    That is a mighty fine black eye!!:)

    I will have to check out that Chopped show....

    I am about to come over and eat cookies and soup! YUM!!! I still have to get around to the applesauce, thanks so much for the recipe!!

    Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

  2. The soup must have reminded Andrew of Oma's chicken noodle soup.
    I've noticed that Finley knows a lot of words already. She's a girl.
    Bunkle Matt is Teague speak, like pig latin. Micah is Bicah, etc.

  3. mmmm soup looks delicious! shaving one leg...hahaha. im sure drew enjoyed that :) teague cracks me up :) hope you had fun in battle creek!

  4. Yay for being a stay at home momma! So happy and jealous of you right now :-)
    Also, getting only one leg shaved can happen to the best of us. I did that last week, only I noticed it right before getting out of the shower :-)


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