Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finally, December Phone Dump!

Our lawyer throws a Christmas party every year at Curious Kids Museum - our kids had a blast playing in their toddler room. We didn't really go into any other room because everything here was just their size!

I love this smile! Melts my heart!

Eww, that's gross Finn!

This is my cousin Kelley, she's getting married on Saturday to her longtime love Kyle.  We are so excited!!! What's with this picture? Well after our family Christmas party all the girls went to see New Year's Eve. After the show we all (meaning around 15 of us - and that's not everyone) congregated in the hallway.  So our bride-to-be jumped into the starwars photo and gave us the rat face.  It's a family thing that Kelley's little sister Haley started when she was a baby. 

Me, sans makeup.

Me, with makeup, but really I took this photo because I got this super cute headband from an Etsy shop.  I love it! Drew said this picture is creepy because I'm not smiling.  Oh well.

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